This video ran on select gas station screens in Santa Barbara as part of a public art exhibition curated by Professor Laurel Beckman.

The first video embedded below features the original sound, which was vetoed as too abrasive for public consumption. The second video is the version that ran.

Ame's Dream
Ame's Dream. December 2012.

A series of crapple-encrusted solar powered lights.

Colin's Dream
Colin's Dream. December 2012.
Colin's Dream, dark view
Colin's Dream, dark view. December 2012.
Sarah's Dream, Little Lord Fauntleroy
Sarah's Dream, Little Lord Fauntleroy. December 2012.
The Heifer Flow
The Heifer Flow. December 2012.
The Monkey Godhead's Prize
The Monkey Godhead's Prize. December 2012.
The Scrying Glass
The Scrying Glass. December 2012.

Music video for original track 'Sensemore' by Colin Curtin

Live video wearable device feed and animated loops inhabit the screens of this crapple parlor.

A stop action animation safety card information panoply.

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