An ongoing collection associated with my Foundry Nights 14 installation, also titled "altar of minor things"

altar of minor things

835 Carleton Street Berkeley CA

I hope I will see you there! The Foundry Nights official press release follows.

The night will begin at 8PM with CINDER WEBSTER playing the musical saw and loopy electronics. Then DAVID TEMPLETON will take the stage with his one-man Fringe-bound show WRETCH LIKE ME followed by a solo from the illustrious and furtive GRAY PERFORMS. Turning our ears back to music we'll check out DAN PLONSEY's novel sounds in the NEW HELLS TRIO. Next REBECCA VASILLE will amuse and entertain us with her amazing dance skills, followed by KATE JORDAN and BRUNO AUGUSTO of Arts and Above dancing into an installation. Meanwhile WAYNE CHEN's huge-scale digital prints will display, opposite of ERIC NEWCOMBE's installation of nonsense, giant sexy pizza beds and an 8-foot blunt. MASHA LIFSHIN's intricate arrangements will grace our museum vitrines and tickle our brains. JESS TYLER will construct and deconstruct in paper mache and JOSHUA SORKIN will web-technology enable us to comment anonymously on the art as ANDRE CARTER braids ANDY FULLER's armpit hair all night long. BENJI FRIEDMAN and ANTHOS will sculpt the entryway to ensure patron amusement as they pass in and out of our threshold. To wrap it all up our favorite band MMMM DEEP FRIED will play a tight ass rock set followed by DJ COLIN CURTAIN dance-testing a new set for the J-tree Music Fest. All of this is gonna go down MAY 9TH AND 10TH at 835 CARLETON STREET in BERKELEY CA. This 21+ art party has our signature open bar with sommelier approved wines and endless free snacks. This experience is yours now for the low low price of $15. All proceeds go towards our noble unprofitable cause of throwing the most amazing art party that has ever existed... for the 13th time in a row. THAT IS WHY YOU SHOULD COME.


My piece reflecting on time lived in Joshua Tree, CA, entitled HIRAETH, has been featured by Hannah Vainstien of the Lower Lodge Salon.

A special thank you to the brilliant editor of this piece, Lilia Levitina, who also happens to be my mother.

Ame's Dream
Ame's Dream. December 2012.

A series of crapple-encrusted solar powered lights.

Colin's Dream
Colin's Dream. December 2012.
Colin's Dream, dark view
Colin's Dream, dark view. December 2012.
Sarah's Dream, Little Lord Fauntleroy
Sarah's Dream, Little Lord Fauntleroy. December 2012.
The Heifer Flow
The Heifer Flow. December 2012.
The Monkey Godhead's Prize
The Monkey Godhead's Prize. December 2012.
The Scrying Glass
The Scrying Glass. December 2012.
April 2009.

Was it the wind, or did Mixture lie there?

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